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1. Purpose, registration, participation

The purpose of the online offer is to offer and commercially sell events on race tracks in Germany and abroad. The events enable the participants to improve their driving skills on a race track with their own motorcycle and to work on their own technique. With and without the guidance of instructors, the aim is to learn in different performance groups the line of sight, cornering technique and seating position that riding on a race track requires. sk-race-event.de expressly does not offer motorcycle races or aim to achieve top speeds. Participation in our events is at the participants own risk. In their online offer the participants can book further individual optional services to a race track training such as: the transport of the motorcycle, single box places, catering, tire service, a cancellation insurance, etc.

The registration for our events is done by online booking and approvals by the organizer with simultaneous payment of the participation fee with one of the offered payment functions. For this purpose, only the pre-printed forms and forms of the online offer are to be used.

However, a legal claim to participation (contract) only exists when the organizer has sent the participants a confirmation of payment for the online payment or an invoice and this has been settled. The participants commit themselves to fill out further documents like e.g. an emergency data sheet, waiver of liability or a declaration of participation on demand and to leave it signed to the organizer.

sk-race-event.de offers, on its internet platform, only the participation in events within Europe. The participants reach these trainings by specially organized arrivals and departures. Recommendations of connecting routes or possible accommodations locally are a free service by us, in order to facilitate the orientation for the participants. At no time sk-race-event.de takes the activity or tasks or adhesion of a tour operator.

In order to take advantage of our offer, participants must either be at least 18 years old and in possession of an EU driving license class A or be at least 16 years old and have the consent of their legal guardians.

2. Participation deadline

Participation is possible as long as the organizer maintains the offer. The organizer has the right to make up for lost participants or cancelled places and to fill them with other participants. When the maximum number of participants for an event is reached, the online offer will be displayed as fully booked.

3. Insurance

All participants must provide proof of sufficient health or accident insurance coverage for Europe prior to the event. A corresponding copy of a policy or the insurance card must be presented/proved to the organizer before the start of the event. Without corresponding proof, participation on site can and must be prohibited.

After completion of the booking procedures, our participants will be offered a link on the website to take out a cancellation insurance through one of our partners, if necessary. Only the insurer is responsible for this offer. sk-race-event.de is not responsible or liable for the offer or the contract offered there.

The organizer assures the conclusion of an event-standard motor sport liability insurance for the event period and thereby secures his liability for damages against the race track operator (lessor) against damages that arise in connection with his operational activities. General environmental risks arising from the event activities are also covered.

4. Refund of participation fees/cancellation conditions
a. In the case of the event happening - cancellation by participants The start of the event is in each case the registration of the participants with our organization team at the event location, but no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the evening before the booked training date.

Cancellation conditions:
  • In case of cancellation up to 90 days prior to the start of the event, the participation fee will be refunded in full minus any costs incurred by the payment service provider.
  • In case of cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the event, we will refund the participation fee minus a cancellation fee of 100,00 €.
  • In case of cancellation up to 15 days before the event date, we will refund the participation fee minus a cancellation fee of 250,00 €.
  • In case of cancellation within less than 14 working days before the start of the event or non-attendance at the event, the participation fee will be due and will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • In case of already started transport actions by the transport companies commissioned by us, neither the participation fee nor the transport costs can be refunded.

We recommend that our participants take out cancellation insurance. See also point 3 of the General Terms and Conditions/ Insurances.

b. In case of cancellation of an event
  • If the event is cancelled by the organizer, the participants will be refunded the full participation fee minus the costs of the payment service provider.
  • In particular, the organizer reserves the right to cancel an event at any time if the minimum number of participants is not reached and to refund the participation fees received to date to the participants.
  • In the event of cancellation or termination of an event for reasons beyond the control of the organizer, participation fees will be claimed by the organizer.
  • Transport activities already started by the transport companies commissioned by us are subject to charges and cannot be refunded in this case.
5. General conditions and regulations

Participation in our events will be carried out with the participants own motorcycles. The participants assure, with presentation at our technical inspection at the event location, the proper condition of the motorcycle. The motorcycles must be structurally suitable for training on a race track and must be able to reach a maximum speed of at least 160 km/h. If our technicians do not perform the scrutineering, participation in the training may be denied.

The allocation/provision of the starting numbers is done by the organizer (if necessary, desired starting number when booking) and may not be changed. The organizer will provide the participant with start numbers in accordance with the rules, which the participants must attach to the vehicle.

No helmet cameras may be used at our events. GoPros or even other suitable cameras may only be rigidly attached to the motorcycle and additionally secured to the frame of the motorcycle with a wire. It is strictly forbidden to make adjustments to the camera while riding on the track.

It is strictly forbidden to change numbered vehicles without notifying the organizer. It is also forbidden to allow unregistered persons to participate on a vehicle.

Participants who endanger other participants, guests, organizers and employees of the race track by their behavior will be excluded from our events without reimbursement of the participation fees.

In addition to our conditions of participation, the respective user regulations of the race track on which our events are held apply. These user regulations and the instructions of the track personnel must also be followed. In particular, however, it is forbidden to make any structural changes or wilful damage to the tracks, pits, toilet facilities, waiting areas, etc. or to leave any garbage or litter behind. Participants who violate the instructions act at their own risk and liability and make themselves liable for damages.

6. Technical condition of the motorcycle

Before going on the race track, our mechanics will check the motorcycle and release it for the event/track with a seal. Admitted to our events are motorcycles with a minimum cubic capacity of 250 cc and an achievable minimum maximum speed of 160 km/h. The exhaust system must comply with the regulations. The exhaust system must comply with the regulations of the respective race track with regard to the highest permitted volume (db limit). The oil filter and the drain plug must be secured with wire. Attachments such as: Mirrors, turn signals, lamp lenses etc. must be dismantled or taped off and secured against splintering. The motorcycle´s lights must be disconnected or taped off, as well as the turn signal lights. Motorcycles with water cooling should be operated with pure water in the radiator and not with glycol additive. A license plate and license plate holder must not be mounted on the vehicle. The motorcycle must be in a technically perfect condition, brakes and suspension must be adapted to racing and be functional.

7. Angemessene Bekleidung der TeilnehmerInnen

Basically the protective clothing and helmet should be adapted to the operation on a race track, after all it is about safety. Only full-face helmets with protective visor of the test classes ECE 22-05 P/NP/J are permitted. Motorcycle gloves appropriate to the training purpose must be worn. Suitable clothing are so-called one-piece leather suits also called combos or such two-piece leather suits that can be joined together with a zipper. The clothing should be in a technically perfect condition. For the protection of the spine, the clothing must have an inserted back protector, as well as an undercoat back protector can be worn. Calf-high motorcycle boots appropriate to the training purpose must be worn; boots with laces are prohibited. Your clothing will be checked by our staff during the technical check.

8. Rights

sk-race-event.de has the right to use photos, videos, film recordings etc. made during the events for own advertising purposes. Unauthorized sale of goods and services during the event are prohibited without prior consent. Appropriate permits can be requested from the organizer.

The pictures taken by a race track photographer commissioned by us can only be purchased from the respective rights holder.

9. Execution, procedure

The participants have to be registered on site by our organization team before the event starts. A driver briefing will be held on each day of the event, participation is mandatory. The organizer will provide a timetable by which the participants can see when, which training group will drive on the track. The organizer has the right to influence the schedule if weather or track conditions require it. Before the start of the event, but also after each crash, the participants must present their motorcycle and helmet for a technical check. The simultaneous number of riders on race tracks is strictly limited, riding outside the respective performance group is prohibited and represents a gross violation of the rules. Violations can lead to exclusion from the event without reimbursement of any claims for damages.

10. Safety regulations

The race track and its structural conditions determine the driving direction. In Europe it is driven clockwise as well as counterclockwise. Participation in the training may only take place if helmet and vehicle bear a current seal of technical approval and performance group issued by us. The assigned start numbers must be affixed to the motorcycle. It is strictly forbidden for all participants and visitors to enter the race track itself, its safety areas and especially the crash zones. Visitors are only allowed to stay at designated places/platforms. The pit lane is reserved for the participants of the event, in and out of the pit lane at walking speed unless the signage indicates a different speed. As soon as a motorcycle is ridden, helmets are compulsory, even in a paddock. On the race track the principle of a one-way street applies, reversing and turning is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited in the pit lane, outbuildings and the buildings of the track administration. Participants in the event must be physically and mentally able to take part in the event. During our events, alcohol is absolutely forbidden during the training hours, as well as the consumption of other intoxicating substances. Pets are not allowed in the pit lane. Children are not allowed in the pit lane/drivers pits. Guests and visitors of participants are to be reported to the organizer, the organizer declines any liability towards third parties, not reported participants. The participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the marshals and to observe their flag signs. There will be a separate briefing. It is forbidden to take co-drivers with you on the race track. After a driver training all waste caused by the participants must be disposed of in the provided disposal containers, it is forbidden to leave used tires, oil, brake pads etc. at the venue.

11. Instructions

All participants, advertising partners, commissioned service providers and employees must follow the instructions of the event organization and its representatives. Infringements, violations and grossly negligent acts against the contents of these General Terms and Conditions can lead to the exclusion of our events. A claim for damages for the repayment of payments/commissions already made does not arise in this case.

12. Exclusion of liability

The points described here in the general terms and conditions are an important part of the concluded contract between sk-race-event.de and its participants and deals with the legal relationship in relation to liability issues arising from this contractual relationship.

The participants confirm to the organizer sk-race-event.de - a division of servicekult.ruhr GmbH - the waiver of claims for damages of any kind arising in direct connection with the event. The organizer is only liable for damages caused by him or his organizational structure intentionally or by gross negligence.

Participation in events of sk-race-event.de is at the free will and own risk of the participants. The participants bear the sole responsibility under criminal and civil law for their actions during an event. This also applies to the motorcycle you are driving, as long as it is not a rental vehicle of the organizer and no written disclaimer has been negotiated.

All participants will be asked at the venue, due to the specific national law, to fill in and sign a waiver of liability towards the race track operator (rental company) and its organizational structure. If the consent of a participant is not available, participants cannot be admitted to the training.

By accepting our General Terms and Conditions, all participants mutually indemnify each other for any damage to property or persons caused by voluntary participation in our events during track training and within our daily training hours at the venue.

The organizer assumes by contract at the venue all necessary auxiliary and security measures according to the relevant specifications of the race track operator (hirer), whose operational organization is to be accepted free of liability and which will be carried out to the best of his knowledge and belief.

The organizer is expressly not liable for any damage to the motorcycles driven by the participants and damage to the infrastructure in connection with a crash.

13. Corona special clause/Hygiene concepts

sk-race-event.de reserves the right to cancel any booked event without giving reasons and at any time. Especially the country-specific corona regulations cannot be foreseen at any time and make this clause necessary. Of course, already booked participants will get their payment back in full, with the exception of booking fees of the payment service providers.

Already started transport actions and events whose cancellation is not the responsibility of the organizer, but force majeure such as: Storms, catastrophic events, emergency laws etc., lie in the not calculable risk of the participants. In this case a refund of the booking fees is not possible.

In some cases, special regulations and guidelines for the implementation of country-specific hygiene concepts must be implemented. Here, the organizer reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments such as: Obligation to wear mouth and nose protection, take-away food serving, distance rules, restrictions on participants, etc.

14. Data protection

The personal data of participants will be stored on a server operated by servicekult.ruhr GmbH upon booking completion. The provided data will only be used for the purpose of contract processing, participant support as well as for own promotional activities in connection with sk-race-event.de. The participants agree to the storage, processing and use for DSGVO compliant purposes. A deletion of the data can be done at any time by written request.

15. Final provisions

Users of the online offer sk-race-event.de offers are to undertake a check of the received confirmation of participation for correctness of the information after completion of the booking. The receipt of payment initially concludes the contract of the online purchase. For the further participation in the booked event the participants commit themselves to the completion of the conditions of participation and the disclaimer on site. Complaints to the entry of personal data must be made by e-mail, in writing.

The invalidity of individual provisions of the contract shall not result in the invalidity of the entire contract. The same applies to these General Terms and Conditions.

The legal relationship arising from this contract between participants and the organizer is based exclusively on German law.

Insofar as German law is not applied to the liability of the organizer on the merits in the event of legal action by the participant against the organizer abroad, German law shall apply exclusively with regard to the legal consequences, in particular with regard to the type, scope and amount of claims of the participant. The place of jurisdiction is Herne/NRW/Germany.

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