FAQ / häufig gestellte Fragen

Yes, our driver training courses are absolutely suitable for beginners. The race tracks selected by us within Europe are differently demanding by condition and topography, but our blue group is permanently guided and accompanied by experienced instructors. The instructors teach you practically and theoretically the special features of the race track and improve your techniques. See also the note "Rider allocation & groups" on our website.
We are starting into the future with our experienced team under a new label and have already signed agreements with all race tracks. The displayed race tracks represent our future portfolio from I/2022. We only sell contractually guaranteed dates, which are often only released at the end of the season for the coming year. We keep our offer up to date, so it pays to check back often.
Bringing accompanying persons is no problem, we ask you to notify us in writing in advance. Should our catering program be of interest to the accompanying person, this can be booked for a fee. For other matters we have recommendations, travel and accommodation etc. must be organized by the guests themselves.
In principle, lunch at the race track as well as drinks and snacks are included in the participation fee for all our events. Country-specific deviations, the infrastructure of the race track and Corona requirements may force us to make changes such as: Take Away supply or the distribution of lunch packages instead of lunch in the track restaurant. See also the note "Services" on our website. Accommodation is not included in the participant fee.
No, unfortunately the rental of motorcycles at our events is not possible for liability reasons. Often at our events, sponsors provide test bikes at the race track, which can be test ridden directly via the sponsor for individual turns. We will publish information about this.
Basically, driving on a race track is less dangerous than road traffic, after all, there is no oncoming traffic, trees, guardrails and contamination on the track. The 10 - 13 meter wide tracks, run-off and crash zones as well as the complete safety package and appropriately prescribed protective clothing keep the risk low. Something can always happen, but our driving trainings are deliberately held without pressure, time measurement and awards. We expect from all our participants in each of our performance groups, a considerately adapted driving style. We do not organize motorcycle races. See also the note "Safety on the racetrack" on our website.
Yes, you can book an individual instructor at the event location at any time, subject to availability from our ORGA team, who will respond to your personal challenges. It is also possible to book an individual instructor in advance for a day or for an entire event. Reservations can be requested via our contact form.
Yes, during our booking process we ask for the tire size of your motorcycle for logistical reasons and for our pre-planning. To have a guarantee for the availability of your tires, a binding reservation via our booking tool or our contact form is necessary.
We race in four different performance groups, if the number of participants and the infrastructure of the race tracks allow it. Basically, all performance groups are represented, from beginners to professionals. See also the note "Driver classification & groups" on our website.
Basically, a change at your own request within an event is not provided due to the occupancy. It is so that our instructors observe and evaluate all participants in all groups. Changes are made on the instructor´s instructions in order to keep the performance level in a group at the same level for safety reasons. However, group changes can only take place if there is a space available in the desired group. The number of participants per group is set by the circuit operator and may not be exceeded.
No, not generally at every training session. Our focus in the selection of our race tracks is to ensure that motorcycles are not subject to noise regulations (db limit), thus avoiding foreseeable problems and disqualifications. We explicitly point out a valid db-limit beforehand when presenting our events, if this is prescribed by the race track operators. Without this reference racing exhaust systems can be used.
Basically, we divide our race training sessions per driver group into 20-minute turns, which can vary in number depending on the operating and rest times of the race track operators. As a general rule, each performance group does about four or five turns a day, fairly distributed, with enough time in between for wrap-up and recovery.
Yes, of course, we conduct our events regardless of brand. Important for us is only the performance and technical condition of your motorcycle. You can find detailed information under point 6 of our general terms and conditions.
We optimize our transports with economic and geographical environmental factors in mind. Thus, the participant structure is an important aspect for the selection of the final collection points. We will inform you in time about the exact location for the drop-off of your motorcycle. For more information, please refer to our transport conditions.
We offer the possibility to register in a waiting list in case of fully booked dates. In case of cancellations we would contact you and give you the possibility to book a free date. The entry in the waiting list does not represent a binding booking. In the list of interested parties there are no concrete dates for an event yet, but you have the possibility to indicate your interest already now. We will contact you first as soon as the dates are fixed. The entry in the list of interested parties does not represent a binding booking.
Our first contact address is our ORGA office, which can be reached during business hours between 09.00 - 17.00 by calling +49 173 24 76 773 or sending us an e-mail inquiry to j.wille@servicekult-ruhr.de.