Security on the race track

  • By entering our events you accept the rules of the race track booked by us and its services.
  • Instructions of the organizer, the marshals, the security and other vicarious agents must always be followed.
  • Violations of our conditions of participation or of the organizer's instructions can lead to exclusion from the event. A claim for damages does not arise from this.
  • For the participation in our race trainings the participant assures a responsible, orderly, considerate participation.
  • We would like to point out that we conduct race trainings at any time and in any performance group and not motor sports races.
  • All participants must be mentally and physically fit to take part in the event. The consumption of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited during our events at the race track.
  • Basically your clothing and helmet should be appropriate for the operation on a race track, after all it is about your safety.
  • Only full-face helmets with protective visor of the test classes ECE 22-05 P/NP/J are permitted.
  • Appropriate motorcycle gloves must be worn.
  • Suitable clothing are so-called one-piece leather suits also called combi or such two-piece leather suits, which can be connected with a zipper. The clothing should be in a technically perfect condition.
  • For the protection of the spine, the clothing must have an inserted back protector, as well as an underwear back protector can be worn.
  • Calf-high motorcycle boots appropriate to the training purpose must be worn, boots with laces are prohibited.
  • Your clothing will be checked by our staff during the technical check.
  • Before going out on the track, our mechanics will check your motorcycle and give it a seal of approval for the track.
  • Admitted to our events are motorcycles with a minimum cubic capacity of 250 cc and an achievable minimum maximum speed of 160 km/h. The exhaust system must comply with the regulations.
  • The exhaust system must comply with the regulations of the respective race track with regard to the maximum permitted volume (db specification).
  • The oil filter and the drain plug must be secured with wire.
  • Attachments such as: Mirrors, turn signals, lamp lenses etc. must be dismantled or taped off and secured against splintering.
  • The motorcycle's lights must be disconnected or taped off, as well as the turn signal lights.
  • Motorcycles with water cooling should be operated with pure water in the radiator and not with glycol additive.
  • A license plate and license plate holder must not be mounted on the vehicle.
  • The motorcycle must be in a technically perfect condition, brakes and suspension must be adapted to racing and functional.
  • The race track and its structural conditions determine the direction of travel. Racing in Europe is both clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Visitors are only allowed in designated areas.
  • The pit lane is reserved for the participants of the event, in the pit lane is driven in and out at walking speed unless the signage indicates a different speed.
  • As soon as a motorcycle is ridden, helmets are compulsory, even in a paddock.
  • The principle of a one-way street applies on the race track, reversing and turning is prohibited.