Track marshal & Flags

Track marshals also called marshals are booked from the organization of the race track and observe the race trainings. Instructions of the marshals are binding for all participants. In case of a disturbance or its cancellation, one should know the following flag signs on a race track.

Goal flag

The goal flag indicates the end of the race or turn. End your turn and return to your pit lane.

Black flag

The black flag in connection with a start number means disqualification of the participant.

Blue flag

The blue flag announces a faster vehicle. Overtaking is to be made possible.

Yellow flag

The yellow flag indicates a malfunction or obstacle on the track, slow down and do not overtake.

White flag

The white flag indicates that there is a non-participating slow vehicle on the track, e.g.: a tow truck.

Red and Yellow striped flag

The red-yellow flag indicates danger of slipping due to liquids, speed must be reduced.

Red flag

The red flag means abort, drive slowly back to the pit lane.

Green flag

The green flag means that a hazard has been eliminated, free passage in practice again.