Transport options

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1. Purpose, booking offers the additional option of transporting the participants own motorcycle(s) from a ServiceKultRuhr base (central collection point) to the event location (race track) and back to this ServiceKultRuhr base as part of the event booking.

The transport option is subject to a charge, it is not possible to book the option without participating in the event at the destination. The price for the transport varies and depends on the forwarding agency, the distance to the event location and the country-specific fees.

For the transport, the organizer commissions an external forwarding agency, which carries out the transport on behalf of the customer in accordance with its own general terms and conditions.

2. Registration deadline for transports

In principle, 14 days before the start of the event. If the transport option has not been taken into account directly when booking the event, a subsequent request can be sent to the organizer by e-mail at any time. Provided that there are free capacities, a chargeable subsequent booking can be made.

3. Procedure

All participants have the option to have their own motorcycle transported during the online booking process. Initially, three ServiceKultRuhr bases with the designation Germany North/Central/South will be given as a selection. At the latest 60 days before the start of the event, the organizer will announce the exact addresses of the support points. The exact locations will be selected taking into account economic and geographical environmental factors and will be influenced by the regional bookings of the participants.

The participants will then be given the opportunity to leave their motorcycle at the collection point for transport in a specified period of time. The same procedure is offered for the return transport from the race track. The transport of the motorcycle to and from a collection point is the responsibility of the participants.

The organizer reserves the right to relocate collection points geographically or to cancel them for economic reasons. Affected participants have of course the possibility to change the collection point or to get back the total costs completely.

4. Conditions and regulations

A booked transportation option includes:

  • One motorcycle
  • One front and one rear wheel stand each for mounting purposes
  • One large travel bag or transport box for clothing/tools/tire warmers, etc.
  • One unfilled fuel canister (max. 20l)

A multiple booking is possible if required (second motorcycle) in the option selection menu.

Not allowed to be checked in for transport:

  • All items not listed in the transport option especially however,
  • tires/old tires
  • Generators
  • Bulky goods
  • Fuels
  • Lifting platforms
  • Tool trolleys

The organizer reserves the right, at the request of the carrier, to exclude from transportation items that have not been properly booked. The responsibility and liability for this shall be borne solely by the party responsible.

The parts and bags brought along on the transport must be labeled with the full name of the participants. Assembly stands must be packed shockproof in foil or cardboard.

5. Additional ServiceKultRuhr bases/flexible collection points

On request and wish it is possible for larger groups of participants to drive to additional collection points, e.g.: at common motorcycle dealers etc.. For this purpose a request can be sent to the organizer by mail and the special conditions can be asked. Group discounts for transportation cannot be granted.

6. Disclaimer

The transport conditions written here are valid on the basis of the general terms and conditions of a business division of GmbH. The organizer disclaims any liability and claims arising from damages in connection with the booked transport actions, to the transported objects and motorcycles towards the participants and refers to the general terms and conditions and insurance conditions of the commissioned forwarding agency. Due to force majeure, weather conditions or human error, delays may occur with regard to specified dates at collection points and destinations for which the organizer is not responsible. The organizer is not liable for damages in these cases.

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